Friends of the Group We’re   committed   to   bringing   our   friends   &   businesses   together,   as   we   believe   that   a   strong   network   of   like-minded   partners   is   critical   to   the group’s goal.
ES eagle scientific ltd EC eaglecoms ltd
Eagle   Scientific   is   a   world   renowned   manufacturer   and   supplier   of   scientific   laboratory   equipment   to   the industrial, commercial, medical and  education sectors.
Africa   House   London   is   a   social   enterprise   established   to   promote   bilateral   trade   between   the   UK   and   Africa.   It aims to add value to new and existing trade and business relationships.
Over 8,000 qualified members, including Judges, Barristers (both practising and non practising) and Pupils.
Procurement   of   a   wide   range   of   Electronic   Products   and   Systems   for   use   in   Broadcasting,   Telecommunications, Aviation, Security & Military sectors.
Located   in   the   heart   of   Hampshire,   we   aim   to   provide   a   complete   “trust   channel”   to   the   customer,   supplying security products of the highest standard.
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Savannah   Energy   PLC   is   an   AIM   quoted   British   independent   energy   company   focused   around   the   delivery   of Projects that Matter and is active in Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria. In   Chad   Savannah   owns   a   40%   participating   interest   in   the   Doba   Oil   Project   which   has   seven   producing   fields, including   surface   facilities   in   southern   Chad.   In   addition,   Savannah   owns   an   effective   c.   40%   indirect   interest   in the   Chad-Cameroon   Export   Transportation   System   (“ETS”)   which   comprises   a   1,081   km   export   pipeline   and   the Kome Kribi 1 floating storage and offloading facility (“FSO”), offshore Cameroon. In   Nigeria,   Savannah   has   a   significant   controlling   interest   in   a   large   scale   integrated   gas   production   and distribution   business   which   is   currently   supplying   gas   to   enable   over   approximately   24%   of   Nigeria’s   thermal power generation and is significantly cash flow generative. In   Niger,   we   have   licence   interests   covering   13,655   km2,   approximately   50%   of   the   country’s   main   petroleum basin,   the   Agadem   Rift   Basin   in   the   South   East   of   the   country.   To   date   we   have   delivered   a   highly   successful exploration   campaign   in   Niger   with   five   discoveries   from   five   wells   across   five   oil   fields.   We   have   plans   in   place to   deliver   first   oil   production   and   revenues   following   the   commencement   of   installation   of   an   EPS.   Significant further   potential   on   the   Savannah   PSC   areas   remains,   with   146   further   potential   exploration   targets   having been identified for future drilling consideration. In   addition   to   our   hydrocarbon   operations,   Savannah’s   Renewable   Energy   division   aims   to   deliver   utility-scale renewable   energy   projects   across   Africa,   and   generate   clean,   competitively   priced   electricity   for   millions   of households.   We   are   involved   across   the   entire   project   life   cycle,   taking   projects   from   greenfield   development through   to   long   term   ownership   and   operation.   Our   current   portfolio   includes   up   to   750   megawatts   (“MW”)   of solar and wind projects in development in Chad and Niger.
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