Friends of the Group We’re   committed   to   bringing   our   friends   &   businesses   together,   as   we   believe   that   a   strong   network   of   like-minded   partners   is   critical   to   the group’s goal.
Westminster Africa Business Group Bringing together both business and political activities across Africa
ES eagle scientific ltd EC eaglecoms ltd
Eagle   Scientific   is   a   world   renowned   manufacturer   and   supplier   of   scientific   laboratory   equipment   to   the industrial, commercial, medical and  education sectors.
Africa   House   London   is   a   social   enterprise   established   to   promote   bilateral   trade   between   the   UK   and   Africa.   It aims to add value to new and existing trade and business relationships.
Over 8,000 qualified members, including Judges, Barristers (both practising and non practising) and Pupils.
Procurement   of   a   wide   range   of   Electronic   Products   and   Systems   for   use   in   Broadcasting,   Telecommunications, Aviation, Security & Military sectors.
Located   in   the   heart   of   Hampshire,   we   aim   to   provide   a   complete   “trust   channel”   to   the   customer,   supplying security products of the highest standard.
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Savannah   Energy   PLC   is   an   AIM   listed   energy   company   with   exploration   and   production   assets   in   Nigeria   and Niger.   In   Nigeria,   the   Company   has   controlling   interests   in   the   cash   flow   generative   Uquo   and   Stubb   Creek   oil and    gas    fields,    and    the    Accugas    midstream    business    in    South    East    Nigeria,    which    provides    gas    to approximately   10%   of   Nigeria’s   available   power   generation   capacity.   In   Niger,   Savannah   has   interests   in   two large   PSC   areas   located   in   the   highly   oil   prolific   Agadem   Rift   Basin   of   South   East   Niger,   where   the   Company has   made   five   oil   discoveries   and   seismically   identified   a   large   exploration   prospect   inventory,   consisting   of   146 prospects and leads to be considered for potential future drilling activity.
Westminster Africa  Business Group