About Us The   Westminster   Africa   Business   Group   meets   regularly,   and   holds   a   number   of   events   at   the   House   of   Commons,   including   lunches,   receptions and other meetings. Guests   at   these   events   have   included   Secretaries   of   State,   Ministers   and   MPs,   as   well   as   Ambassadors   and   High   Commissioners   from   all   over   Africa. Specialist Africa business advisers also attend. Since   its   inception   in   1947   the   Group   has   strengthened   business   links   between   the   UK   and   the   African   continent   and   continues   to   be   a   well- respected platform on which to share information and knowledge in the spheres of Africa, business and politics.
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Westminster Africa Business Group Bringing together both business and political activities across Africa
Westminster Africa  Business Group