History In   1947   the   “Conservative   West   Africa   Committee”   was   formed   and   was   originally   a   link   between   High   Commissions   in   West   African   countries   and the   Conservative   Party.   News   of   political   and   commercial   developments   was   provided   to   the   committee   by   members,   businesses   and   visiting Africans. In   1995,   the   committee   with   the   full   support   of   the   Conservative   Central   Office   expanded   its   area   of   interest   to   include   other   sub-Saharan countries. As a result, individuals and companies with Eastern and Southern African connections were invited to join. In   1997,   it   was   decided   that   the   Committee   should   become   more   commercial   in   orientation   and   embrace   the   whole   of   Africa,   thus   reflecting   the sweeping political and economic changes taking place on the continent as a whole. In   2012   the   committee,   recognising   that   the   group   now   attracted   a   wider   audience   and   those   from   across   the   political   spectrum   changed   its name to become the “Westminster Africa Business Group”.
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Westminster Africa Business Group Bringing together both business and political activities across Africa
Westminster Africa  Business Group